Optimize Employee Happiness And Production Levels In Your Bill Collection Office

As a bill collector, each of your employees plays an important role in ensuring that you reach your expected profit margins as time goes on. Making sure that your employees are happy will keep them focused, therefore making it more likely that they'll stay on track when it comes to hitting their production goals. Here are a couple of things you can do to optimize happiness and production levels among employees in your bill collection office: [Read More]

How Can You Prevent Your Shower Head From Getting Clogged?

You may have an issue with hard water or corroded galvanized supply pipes that cause your shower heads and faucet filter screens to become clogged. A clogged shower head will reduce water flow or concentrate the flow through a limited number of clear holes in the shower head, causing the water to spray in a harsher pattern against your skin. Clogged filter screens on your faucets will also impede water flow, as well as cause small jets of water to shoot out horizontally instead of vertically. [Read More]

Three Mistakes To Avoid With Summer Portable Toilet Rentals

Hot summer temperatures can affect many things at your event, not least of all the restroom situation. Portable toilets are the option of choice for larger outdoor events, but there are specific concerns you need to keep in mind when the temperatures soar. The following are mistakes to avoid when you are renting portable toilets in the summer months. #1: Choosing the wrong placement Many things go into finding the best placement for the portable toilets. [Read More]

Ensure Your Well Is Never Dry With These Tips For Choosing The Best Location

When you need to have a new well drilled for your home, you want to have a location that will never go dry. Some of the places where a well may be located are not ideal. Choosing a good location will ensure your well does not need to be drilled deeper or moved in the future. Here are some tips to help choose the best location for the water well on your property: [Read More]