Dealing With A Noisy Toilet: Why The Flapper May Be The Cause

Are you frustrated with your toilet making a lot of noise when you are trying to sleep? The problem may stem from the flapper in the tank needing a repair, as it is what controls the flow of water going into the toilet bowl. In this article, find out what can lead to a flapper making a toilet noisy and what a professional repair will cost. How Can a Flapper Cause a Noisy Toilet? [Read More]

Toilet Not Flushing? It Could Be From These 3 Reasons

A broken toilet can often be a cause of frustration for homeowners, especially if it breaks at an inopportune time. When a toilet refuses to pull the waste down when you hit that magic lever, it could be because of one of these 3 reasons. Broken Inner Component You'll need to investigate are the components of the toilet found inside the tank. Start with the handle, and look for any damage to the pull chain. [Read More]