Summer Plumbing Issues: 3 Things You Need To Know To Keep Things In Check

Regardless of the season, there is always going to be some type of challenge for your home's plumbing system. Here are three things you need to know about your plumbing this summer: A Vacation Isn't in the Cards for Your Washer. When summer comes along, it means that it is time for the family to take a vacation or possibly even several on them depending on the adults' work schedules. Unfortunately, there is one appliance (well, several of them really) that doesn't get a vacation: the washing machine. [Read More]

Unclog Plumbing That Is Connected To Your Kitchen Sink's Drain

If food scraps were rinsed down your kitchen sink's drain by accident, and water is backing up in the sink's basin or draining slowly, unclog the plumbing that is connected to the drain by completing the following steps. Afterward, prevent additional blockages by removing pieces of food from dinnerware and utensils before setting them in the sink and by placing a strainer in the drain before washing dishes and utensils. [Read More]

4 Things To Know About Replacing Your Home's Air Conditioning Unit

Most people dread having to purchase a new A/C unit because they can be quite costly, but when your current A/C ceases to work properly it's time to start shopping. Being an informed consumer will help ensure that you don't waste money and can stick to your budget. Continue reading to learn more about replacing your residential air conditioning unit: Size Matters Before buying a new A/C unit, it is essential to know what size your home needs. [Read More]

How To Remove And Prevent Water Heater Sediment Buildup

If the water in your home is forming white scaly deposits in your sinks and on your plumbing fixtures, then you have water with a lot of total dissolved solids (TDS). Water with high levels of TDS is said to be "hard". Hard water is not only an issue for keeping your sinks clean, it is also a serious problem for your water heater and plumbing. Since the scale buildup you see in your sinks likely pales in comparison to the amount of scale currently building up inside of your water heater, you need to take certain steps to remove it and prevent the scale from re-forming. [Read More]