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Winter Is Coming: Protect The Plumbing

As winter approaches, you know that it is important to prepare your property to ensure it will endure the colder temperature. Most winter checklist include things like installing storm windows, furnace maintenance, chimney sweeping, and storing away items that are better suited for summer months. However, it is important that you do not neglect your plumbing as you complete this checklist. The harsh winter weather can play havoc on your plumbing system. This guide goes over three areas on the property that should be prepped for the cold.


Pipes are vulnerable to freezing in winter. Exposed pipes that are in areas under cupboards, crawl spaces, basements, mobile homes, and outdoor buildings should be insulated to prevent them from freezing. If the pipe does freeze, it can cause damage to the pipe if it causes it to burst. It can also cause water damage if you do not realize a pipe has burst and the area accumulates water before it is noticed. You can try these methods for extra protection against frozen pipes:

  • Adding extra insulation in these areas.

  • Products like heat tape that can be wrapped around the pipes.

  • Opening cupboards to expose the pipes to warmer air.

  • Keep the sinks running at a slow trickle to keep the water moving.

Using these methods will hopefully keep the pipes in working order throughout the cold months.

Hoses and Outdoor Taps

Pipes are not the other thing that can freeze when the weather drops. Make sure you remove your hoses from the taps and place them into storage. Hoses that are not removed may freeze at the taps and cause damage to both the tap and the hose, creating cracks that may be undetected until the ice thaws. Once the hoses are removed, check the taps to see if there is water dripping from them. If they are, turn the tap as far as you can to make sure it is tightly closed. Taps that do not stop dripping should be repaired or replaced before the cold weather arrives.


Following these suggestions should protect your plumbing as the days turn colder. If you do find yourself with frozen pipes, you can call a local plumber to unthaw the pipes before they burst. Plumber services can also be utilized if the pipe does burst and you need it repaired. Almost every plumbing company offers emergency services for issues like this.