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Three Things You Need To Do About Your Septic Tank Before Selling Your Home

Selling a home can be relatively stressful, as there's so much to take into consideration and things that you need to do before selling your home. While you may not have thought about it, your septic tank equipment should be one of those things that you take care of before selling your home. Learn more here.

Septic Line

You should do this step even if you haven't been having issues with your plumbing, but if you have, it's especially necessary.

Every home with a septic tank has a pipe running from the house that carries everything that has been flushed or run down a drain out to the septic tank in your yard. Unfortunately, these pipes can become damaged over time. Simple wear and tear, erosion, and even intrusion from the roots of plants can cause issues for these pipes. That's why it's a good idea to have the line inspected for damage before you try and sell.

Thankfully, this can usually be done by inserting a camera into the septic line, so you shouldn't need to worry about your landscaping.

Septic Tank Cleaning

Another thing you should definitely do is have your septic tank cleaned out. This means going beyond simply pumping it. You need to have it pumped and cleaned completely.

This is a necessary step because potential buyers may ask if the tank is in need of servicing. Nobody wants to buy a home and then have to immediately get the tank cleaned out before they can use the in-home plumbing, after all!


Another good reason to have your septic tank completely cleaned is so that you can have it inspected. Problems with the septic tank may be hidden when it's full of waste. In order to ensure that your septic tank is functioning completely normally, an inspection is a must. If any problems are found, they'll obviously need to be fixed, and your septic tank technician can help with that, too.

If you've been taking good care of your septic tank, there's a good chance that all of these steps will come up clean without any additional concerns. However, taking these steps will not only give you reassurance that your home's septic tank is in good shape, but it will also ensure that anyone who is interested in buying your home gets the answers that they want to hear. This may help to give your home a boost over neighboring houses for sale, so don't skip these three steps!

Contact a company that provides septic services to learn more.