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What To Do If Your Toilet Springs A Leak Just Before A Party

Plumbing problems are always a nuisance, no matter what, but they're especially bad when you have something planned. If people are coming over for a party or event, there's a good chance that quite a few — if not all of them — will be needing to use the facilities at some point. This leaves you in quite an unfortunate situation, but there's a way to make it work for everyone. Here's what to do.

Shut Off The Water

The first thing you should do is try to stop the leak. For most toilet leaks, the leak is coming from the water flowing into the toilet, not the waste water coming out of the toilet. So to stop this leak, all you need to do is shut off the water.

Obviously shutting off the water to your entire house isn't going to work here. People will likely need water while you're hosting your event, so don't do that. Instead, you want to shut off the water to the toilet only. How to do it depends on your home; some water shut-off valves are located at the back of the toilet. However, if you don't see one, there's a good chance that your shut-off valve is located underneath the toilet, in your basement or crawlspace. Take a look there, and if you find a knob or valve, turn it and then try to run the toilet. If done correctly, the toilet will flush but no water will fill the tank. This is what you want.

Get Portable Toilets

Next, skip calling a plumber right away. This might seem like backwards logic, but stick with it. If you hire a plumber now, you'll not only have to spend more money on having them come on an emergency basis, but there's also no guarantee that your facilities will be working in time. Instead, you could have a plumber actively working on your home while you're trying to hold a party. That's no one's idea of a good time, and there's even the risk that people could potentially trip or get hurt on the plumber's equipment while they're coming and going from the bathroom.

Instead, order some portable toilets to be brought to your home. Portable toilets come in a lot of varieties these days, some even with running water, so you can offer the best facilities to your guests even without a working toilet inside your home.

Keep in mind that you should order as many portable toilets as your home would have supplied your guests to begin with. So if you have two bathrooms in your house and you were expecting that they would cover all of your guests, get two portable toilet rentals.