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This Is Why Your Old Pipes May Need Repairing

If you own a house that was built decades ago and you haven't had the pipes replaced during that time, it may be time to change that. Not replacing your pipes can put you and your family at risk of being exposed to a lot of different problems, including these three. Consider hiring a plumbing service to fix these problems with your home.

Lead Content

Older pipes were often built containing lead. When they were put in place, people didn't fully understand the health hazards that come with lead. Unfortunately, over time, this lead can leach into your water supply and potentially poison you and your family. Lead is particularly dangerous for children, as it can impact their development and cause health problems.

While it is possible for you to bypass this problem by not drinking your tap water, that will only solve some of your problems.


Corrosion is another issue that houses with old pipes often face. As the years go by and pipes are continuously used, they can begin to corrode and break apart. Not only can this mean that your home is more likely to have a leak somewhere in the pipes, but it can also change the quality of your water.

When corrosion occurs, it can leach enough minerals into your water supply to turn your water hard. This can make it harder to do certain things, like build up a lather under water, and it can also change the taste of your water. So even if you test your water and find out that you're not at risk of exposure to lead, you may still notice that your water doesn't taste as fresh and clean as it should.

Not Up to Code

Finally, it's entirely possible that the pipes in your home are no longer up to code. This means that should you ever decide to sell your home, you'd need to have all the pipes in the house replaced any way to get up to code so that you can legally sell. This is a huge hassle to go through when you're trying to sell your house, so it's a good idea to get it done long before you think moving might be in the picture.

These problems can all be avoided just by having the pipes in your house replaced. Contact a plumber for an examination to find out if your pipes are old and having problems like these. Your plumber will be able to take a look by threading a tiny camera through your pipes so that they can see any potential problems and show them to you too.