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Do You Have Galvanized Pipes? What You Need To Know

One part of your home that many people ignore is the state of their plumbing pipes. As long as the water is flowing, there is no real reason to stop and think about if the pipes need to be replaced. Unfortunately, some older pipes may be due for a replacement sooner than you think. Here are some things to know about galvanized plumbing if you have it in your home.

How You Can Identify Galvanized Plumbing? 

Not sure what kind of plumbing you have? Simply head to a part of your home that has exposed pipes to take a look. Galvanized water pipes are made out of steel and will be a grey color. It's very common in older homes made before the 1980's, when the cost of galvanized steel was cheaper than copper.

What If Your Plumbing Looks Fine? 

Many people get the wrong impression about the state of their plumbing because the pipes look fine. They do not realize that these galvanized steel pipes actually deteriorate on the inside. All of that rust will build up until it gets to the point where a hole forms through the pipe. Problems may be more apparent in places where you have some copper plumbing that comes in contact with galvanized steel. If a dielectric fitting was not used to join the two pieces there will be corrosion all around the connection.

What Will Happen If You Ignore The Pipes?

All of that rust that forms in the pipe can build up over the years. It will eventually cause a restriction with how much water can flow through the pipe, which reduces your home's overall water pressure. If water sits in the pipes for too long without being used, the rust can cause discoloration at the point where the water comes out of a faucet.

Hot water pipes tend to rust on the inside much faster than color water pipes. Your vertical pipes will also see less corrosion over the years when compared to horizontal pipes.

Is It Difficult To Replace Galvanized Plumbing?

Many things have changed when it comes to repiping a home. Rather than using copper plumbing, you can now use plastic PEX plumbing for your home. It can easily be fished through walls since it is a flexible plastic pipe, which will minimize how many sections of your walls and ceilings need to be opened up for the repiping job to be completed.