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Making A Basement Bathroom? Hire A Plumber To Help With Several Projects

When you own a home with an unfinished basement, you can transform it into almost anything depending on your wants and needs as well as how much work you are willing to put in. If you want to make it an extended living space or even a separate unit that you can rent out, you will need to put in at least one bathroom. Although you may work on a lot of the basement on your own, you will want to hire a plumbing contractor to get assistance with several projects in the bathroom.


Although you could install a bathtub and shower combination for a simple and easy way to create a full bath, you may want to put in a separate bathtub. This will allow you to put in a soaking tub or jetted tub, which are both more well-suited to providing enjoyable baths. A soaking tub is great for when you have tall family members who have a tough time soaking fully in baths.


With a walk-in shower, you may feel comfortable with creating the walk-in area. However, you should rely on a plumber to install the drainage as well as the plumbing for the shower. This is when you will need to decide whether you want one shower head like you will find in most bathrooms or if you want to go with a more luxurious shower that has two or three of them in the shower area.


Another plumbing project that you can get professional help with is the toilet installation. Whether you want to put in a basic toilet or one with a dual-flush option is not a problem because a plumber will be able to handle any type of toilet installation in your basement bathroom.

If you are not sure how everything should be laid out, including the toilet, you can get help from a plumber to give you suggestions on where to place everything based on ease of installation.


A sink is the final piece to completing your bathroom in the basement. When you go shopping, you will find a wide array of sink options ranging from pedestal sinks to vessel sinks. If you want to conceal the plumbing, you can rely on a bathroom vanity to hide the pipes. However, you may want to put new and attractive pipes on display by going with a console or wall hung sink.

When you want to make a basement bathroom, you should rely on a plumber to help.