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Manage A Vacation Rental? Hire A Plumber On Occasion For Peace Of Mind

While living in a home, you may find it somewhat easy to maintain because you will notice when something goes wrong with an appliance, electrical outlet, toilet, or sink. But, you may manage a vacation rental in which the only people who spend a lot of time in the house are guests.

When you are in the home on a regular basis, you may start to notice problems such as a shower that is no longer draining as quickly. With your vacation rental, you should hire a plumbing company to service the entire place to keep it in excellent condition and provide peace of mind.

Garbage Disposal

One of the features in the rental that you may like providing to guests is a garbage disposal because it allows for easy kitchen cleanup. But, this comes with the risk that vacationers will not know exactly what to avoid putting down the sink drain to chop up with the garbage disposal.

Breaking down the wrong objects such as starches and corn husks can lead to problems. So, you will want to hire a plumber to check out the garbage disposal on occasion to make sure it is okay. By getting rid of minor clogs, you can prevent major clogs and a total shutdown from the disposal.


When guests come into your home, you will not know how much soap, shampoo, and conditioner they use when taking a shower. Normal usage can lead to buildup in the shower plumbing, but excessive usage will lead to faster clogging. So, you should keep an eye on it by getting a thorough inspection once or twice per year to avoid a situation in which stoppage happens with guests.

Another thing that can affect the drains is hair, especially long hair. Investing in a shower drain hair catcher and hiring a house cleaner in between guests will minimize hair buildup.


Although you may provide toilet paper for your guests, some of them may bring in flushable wipes or purchase them at a local store during the stay. One of the issues with this is that these flushable wipes are not always flushable. This can lead to inevitable blockage in the toilet drainage system, which is something that you should rely on a plumbing company to resolve.

As the owner and manager of a vacation rental, you should not hesitate to hire a plumber on occasion to make sure every part of the plumbing system is in working order.