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Exchange An Old, Clunky Bathroom Sink And Plumbing For A Wall-Mounted Ceramic Model

Does your master bathroom lack space and are you tired of looking at that old, clunky bathroom sink and vanity that takes up the majority of one of the restroom's walls? Think sleek and modern by choosing to have the original sink and plumbing replaced with a wall-mounted ceramic sink and PVC plumbing.

Choose PVC Plumbing

A wall-mounted sink will free up space that was once utilized for the vanity and its cabinetry. Although the original feature may have sufficiently covered unsightly pipes, you don't have to be burdened with an eyesore once the upgrade is completed because PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is versatile and much more attractive than archaic pipes that have corroded surfaces.

PVC pipes come in rigid and flexible styles and are often a light-colored shade. If you are dead set about having the new plumbing exposed, you can install a curtain around the base of the sink, which will conceal the plumbing that you have selected.

Select A Sink, Faucet, And Fixtures

Your sink should match or complement the color and style of the toilet, bathtub, and accessories that are found in the room. A light-colored ceramic sink could add some classiness and style to a dated room, and a darker color may add a sense of modernism that the room is lacking.

When shopping for a sink, take the time to feel the surface of each model that is on display and look over the faucet, fixtures, and shape of each sink so that you can select the one that you think will add the most charm to your bathroom.

Be aware that you can likely change the faucet and fixtures if you like a particular sink model but aren't overly fond with its extensions and accents. A plumbing showroom will have a wide range of popular styles to choose from that are both resilient to rust and easy to maintain. 

Add Elevated Storage

You are trading in some of your storage space for the opportunity to have more room to move around in your bathroom, but this does not mean that you have to forego storing your essentials.

An elevated storage space that consists of shelving units will place your cosmetics, toiletries, and bathroom essentials within reach, but will eliminate items from cluttering the room. The shelving unit can be suspended right above your new sink or can be installed along one of the other walls in the restroom. 

For more information on plumbing replacement options, contact your local plumbing service today.