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Areas Of Your Home's Plumbing System That Need Regular Preventative Maintenance

If you are a homeowner, you likely have a long list of maintenance tasks to take care of each year. But while performing maintenance on say, your roof is fairly obvious because you can actually see it, there's another aspect of your house that is mostly hidden behind the walls. Your house's plumbing system needs regular preventative maintenance if you want to keep it in great shape year after year. Here are some key areas of your home's plumbing that you should keep an eye on.

Septic Tank

Not every house is going to have a septic tank, but if you recently moved into one that features this kind of waste removal system, you are going to want to stay on top of it with a regular maintenance check-up. All septic tanks will need to be pumped eventually, and a good plumber will also be able to check the sewer line and ensure that no tree roots are growing nearby.

Water Heater

Most water heaters are capable of lasting for years without significant problems, but trouble can slowly build up over time. It's possible for the inside of the heater to develop some corrosion, rust or other issues. Your water heater should be drained once a year and any sediment buildup removed. An efficiently run water heater will also ensure that your water and heating bills remain at a reasonable rate year after year.

Your Pipes Prior to Winter

Winter is well-known for being the season that can wreck the most havoc on your plumbing. An annual inspection every fall will give your local full-service plumbing company an opportunity to update your plumbing's insulation and once again check for any potential leaks or other issues that could become a real headache once things get colder.

Form a Relationship with a Plumber Now Before You Need It

By reaching out to a local plumbing company today to begin a regular preventative maintenance plan, you will be gaining a trusted ally who will be able to jump in and help you in the event something does go wrong. By forming the relationship now and getting a good plumber's phone number into your address book, you won't have to panic and start scrambling the next time a leak or other problem occurs because you'll know that a fix is one quick phone call away. Contact a local plumber today to schedule your first inspection.