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Know When You Should Call A Plumber

If you are a handy person, then there are more than likely plenty of small plumbing issues that you can take care of on your own. However, you want to make sure you feel 100% up to the task before you take it on. Otherwise, you can end up with bigger problems that are going to be much more difficult to take care of by the time you are done trying on your own and failing. Here are some of the times when you should really call a professional if you are lacking in plumbing knowledge:

Your water heater isn't working like it used to – If your water heater isn't putting out the amount of hot water you are used to or if it is all of a sudden making a grumbling noise, then it needs some help. Proper water heater maintenance dictates that you should drain it once it starts acting up to make sure you are removing sediment at the bottom. If it stops working altogether, an easy fix can include making sure the fuse is reset and pushing the actual red reset button on the unit. However, if the repairs are going to go beyond this, then a plumber is going to be your best bet.

You are repeatedly dealing with clogs – If you end up with a clog, you can generally free it up yourself if it isn't a serious one or one that is further down in the system. Usually, a sink plunger or some baking soda and vinegar can free up a clog. If you try these routine methods and you can't get the clog out, then you may want to try turning off the water, removing and cleaning the 'p' shaped pipe, putting it back in place, and testing to see if that did the job. If you can't get the clog out or if more clogs continue to form, then a plumber can fix it. They have the capabilities of finding all clogged areas along the system and removing them to prevent future clogs as long as you treat the plumbing right.

You see a spike in the water bill – You will come to know what your regular water bills are each month. You may see them spike a bit during certain months when you know that you are naturally using more water. If you all of a sudden notice an unexpected spike in the water bill that you can't account for, then it may be worthwhile to call a plumber out to take a look at things. Spikes in water bills can happen due to plumbing problems that you don't even know are happening in your plumbing system. You may have a broken pipe somewhere away from the house, and this can be causing a lot of excess water to be leaving the system, raising the bill.

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