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3 Tips To Help You Improve The Plumbing In Your Laundry Room

Being able to throw a load of clothing into an automatic washing machine is something that many homeowners take for granted. Your washing machine relies on many different parts in order to perform properly. A lot of these parts are connected to your home's plumbing system, making maintenance critical to the availability of water throughout the rest of your home.

Don't let your laundry room become a source of serious plumbing problems. Improve the quality of your laundry room's plumbing components today.

1. Replace rubber hoses.

Many washing machines are equipped with rubber hoses that help feed water into the machine and drain used water out of the machine after a wash cycle. Rubber hoses are susceptible to damage as they age. The rubber can become brittle and crack or break, leaving your laundry room at risk of a serious water leak.

If you want to ensure that your laundry room is protected against dangerous water damage, replace rubber hoses with specialized braided steel hoses instead. Braided steel is flexible enough to fit into the tight spaces allowed for plumbing components behind your washing machine, but the steel is durable enough to withstand corrosion and deterioration over time.

2. Install a flood alarm.

Another simple thing that you can do to protect the plumbing in your laundry room is install a flood alarm. Flood alarms are designed to detect excessive amounts of water and alert homeowners to potential flooding.

Since a lot of the plumbing components that serve your washing machine are hidden from view, you might not always spot leaks right away. Leaving your laundry room exposed to water leaks could result in serious damage. A flood alarm will help you more effectively monitor your laundry room's plumbing in the future.

3. Add strainers to hoses.

Your local hardware store sells strainers that are meant to be installed in the drainage hoses that are connected to washing machines. Having a strainer on your drainage hose can be a great way to prevent the drain servicing your washing machine from becoming clogged.

The strainer will catch any hair, receipts, paper money, or toys that might get left in the pockets of your clothing. If these items don't make it into the drainage hose, they cannot block water from moving efficiently through your plumbing after each wash cycle. Just be sure that you take the time to clean out the strainer after each load of laundry to ensure water can drain properly. For more help, contact a company like Five  Star Plumbing.