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Three Kitchen Remodels That Will Make You A Better Cook

If a kitchen remodel is in the cards for your home, consider the following three upgrades—they'll increase the overall value of your home as well as make you a better cook. 

Marble Countertops 

Marble countertops are one of the best features a home baker can have. Dough doesn't stick to marble surfaces, and because marble doesn't absorb atmospheric heat, it is particularly suitable for working with dough that contains leavening agents such as baking powder and yeast. Keeping things cold during the pre-baking process is part of the secret of creating coveted flaky pie crusts. This is because fat melts easily, and if the fats used in pie dough melt before the baking process begins, they mix with the flour and water to create a crust with the taste and consistency of cardboard. 

Task Lighting 

Task lighting provides a practical element that gives you a very good look at the food you're preparing. This lets you cut out excess fat in meat or remove wilted or otherwise unacceptable parts of fruits and vegetables. Strong, direct task lighting in the kitchen is also essential for safety's sake. For instance, freshly minced garlic is an ingredient that adds substantial taste and nutritional value to a variety of dishes, and mincing it properly requires a sharp knife. Without strong lighting, home cooks runs the risk of injury if they try to perform this sort of task. It's also easier to read measuring cups when you've got good lighting.

Walk-In Pantries

If space permits, one of the most valuable additions you can make to a modern kitchen is a separate walk-in pantry. This allows you to stock up on staples whenever there's a sale at one of the local grocery stores, and it also helps prevent those culinary mishaps that occur when you've discovered you're out of an essential ingredient, which can happen frequently when limited storage space is a part of the picture. It's also easier to find things in walk-in pantries with open shelving, and ingredients are less likely to languish unseen and unused the way they are in traditional kitchen cabinets. 

A walk-pantry also provides a great solution for those who want a butcher block island in their kitchen but don't want it taking up space when not in use—you can simply opt for a butcher block island on wheels and roll it into your walk-in pantry when it's not in use. 

Contact companies that offer kitchen remodeling services for more inspiration on kitchen upgrades that can make you a better cook.