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Top 3 Septic System Problems That Effect The Plumbing In Your Home

Septic systems are small waste treatment systems for homes that do not have sewer service. When there is a problem with the septic system, it can also effect the plumbing in your home. Slow draining, backed up lines and other plumbing problems are often caused by a failing septic system. Here are some of the common plumbing problems that are often caused by the failing septic system:

1. Backed Up Septic Lines Causing Damage to Your Home and The Dangers

When septic lines back up, it can cause problems that are hazardous to your health. Eventually, backed up septic systems can start to flow into your home and cause a smelly mess. If your septic system is backing up into your home and causing water problems, avoid contact with the water and contact professionals to help with cleaning up the mess. Septic tank waste contains bacteria, pathogens and other hazards that you do not want you or your family to come in contact with.

2. Slow Draining Plumbing Lines Caused by Overflowing Septic Tank That Needs Pumping

Before septic waste backs up into your home, you may notice that the drains in your home are slow. The slow plumbing drains may be caused by a blockage in the main line going to the tank, or they could be due to lack of maintenance. If you tank needs pumping, then it may cause the sludge and solid waste in the tank to backup into home plumbing. If it seems that your septic system needs pumping more frequently, this is a sign that there is a problem with the drain field that removes effluent from the tank.

3. Unpleasant Odors of Raw Sewage Due to Septic Systems Backing Up into Home Plumbing

The problems with your septic system may not be noticeable due to drain problems, but rather do to the unpleasant odors in your home at certain times of the day. Backup septic lines can cause raw waste smells, which are often worse in evenings when people use plumbing more and during warm weather. If you notice foul odors in your home, contact a septic system professional to inspect your tank and the plumbing in your home for potential problems that are causing the odors.

4. Roots Growing In Or Around Septic Systems And Home Plumbing Lines

Roots can be a big problem for septic systems. Trees cause roots to get in different areas of septic systems and home plumbing. If you have trees near your septic system, use a root barrier system to keep the tree problems away from your plumbing. If roots do get in sewer and septic lines, they can often be removed before they cause too much damage to the pipes.

These are some of the plumbing problems that are caused by failing septic systems. If you have a problem with the plumbing in your home and you think the septic system may be the cause, contact a drain cleaning service to help clear septic lines and repairs.