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Prevent Clogs In Your Kitchen Sink: 4 Tips

Your kitchen sink is prone to clogs, mostly because it's where a lot of leftover food particles get washed down the drain. Although all of the sinks or drains in your home can clog at some point in time, the kitchen sink will probably give you the most problems. Prevent clogs from happening in your kitchen sink by following the four tips below.

  • Use The Drain Stopper. Always keep the drain stopper in the drain to prevent large particles of food from getting washed down the drain. The drain stopper will collect the particles of food that may not have been scraped off entirely, and prevent them from going into your drain, eventually clogging it.
  • Keep Grease, Oil And Paint Out . Never wash grease, oil or paint down your drain. Even if you run hot water down the drain after all of these items, it could still cool further down your drain pipe and eventually clog when it becomes a solid. Pour hot grease into a glass jar to be disposed of later. Do the same with oil. With paint, use mineral spirits to clean your paintbrushes or other painting tools.
  • Use A Garbage Disposal. Use the garbage disposal in your kitchen (or have one installed if you don't already have one) to help "chew" up those food particles. You do have to be careful with the disposal too though, as you cannot put seed pits such as peach, nectarine or plum pits into the drain. You also cannot put corn cobs, large bones or non-food items into the drain. Keep your garbage disposal blades sharp by placing ice cubes into the disposal once per week. Keep the drain fresh by putting lemon slices into the drain.
  • Clean The Drain. If you begin to notice the water draining slowly, it could be a signal that you have a clog beginning to form. Prevent the clog from getting worse by clearing it as soon as possible. You can use a store-bought drain clearing product, or if you prefer to use something less harsh you can sprinkle baking soda in the drain and then pour white vinegar over the top. Then place a soaking wet dishrag or paper towel over the drain for about ten minutes. Uncover the drain and then run the hottest water possible down the drain.

If you have a clog in your kitchen sink that you aren't able to clear yourself, or it keeps coming back, you could have a clog further down your drain pipe. Call a professional plumber, like Moon Valley Plumbing, for help removing the clog.