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Summer Plumbing Issues: 3 Things You Need To Know To Keep Things In Check

Regardless of the season, there is always going to be some type of challenge for your home's plumbing system. Here are three things you need to know about your plumbing this summer:

A Vacation Isn't in the Cards for Your Washer.

When summer comes along, it means that it is time for the family to take a vacation or possibly even several on them depending on the adults' work schedules. Unfortunately, there is one appliance (well, several of them really) that doesn't get a vacation: the washing machine. With the kids spending extra time outdoors, it actually means that the washing machine will be used a lot more than usual. This can put a lot of extra stress on the appliance.

Therefore, it is very important to keep a close eye on your washing machine to make sure that it isn't suffering from any damage. You want to definitely check the hoses regularly for any bulges, cracks or leaks. A bulge can result in a burst, a crack can cause a gap, and a leak can lead to a water loss and an increase in your water bill (which means a hole in your pocket!). Replace damaged hoses immediately.

Garbage Disposals Are Like Kids; They Only Like Certain Foods.

In addition to summer meaning vacations, summer is also synonymous with outside barbeques and cookouts. While these mean a great gathering for family and friends, your garbage disposal may not be thinking the same thing. Your garbage disposal can quickly become clogged or damaged if the wrong foods are put down it. These foods include bones, corn on the cob, watermelon rinds, grease and oils, etc. Apart from avoiding putting the wrong foods down your disposal, it is also a good idea to run cold water through the garbage disposal prior to and immediately after using it. This simply helps clear any food that may still be lingering inside the disposal or the drains that could lead to a clog.

Getting to the Root of the Problem with Your Sewer Lines.

While you may associate sunshine with summer, there is plenty of rain and heavy storms during the summertime. Unfortunately, this rain and cause the growth or tree roots around your sewer line. In some cases, they could grow into your pipes and cause your sewer line to clog. In addition, excess rain could cause a backup in your plumbing system if there are cracks in your pipes.

So, during the summer, you need to be on the lookout for drains that consistently get clogged in the home, as this could be a sign that there is a backup. In addition, if you use the toilet (or another piece of plumbing) and it causes a gurgling or backup in another area, then you could have a problem. If this happens, contact a professional plumbing company in your local area immediately to assess and repair the problem, or visit a site like