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Optimize Employee Happiness And Production Levels In Your Bill Collection Office

As a bill collector, each of your employees plays an important role in ensuring that you reach your expected profit margins as time goes on. Making sure that your employees are happy will keep them focused, therefore making it more likely that they'll stay on track when it comes to hitting their production goals. Here are a couple of things you can do to optimize happiness and production levels among employees in your bill collection office:

Build a Full Kitchen

If your bill collectors are working full time, chances are that they spend more time in the office during waking hours than they do at home throughout the week. They need a place where they can prepare a complete nutritious meal in the morning and afternoon so they can stay fueled and energized for the stressful time they'll be spending on the phone with debtors.

The ability to consume nutritious meals made by hand as opposed to frozen or canned products will help keep your employees' brains sharp and ensure that they stay alert and active while on duty. They'll better enjoy their down time at work and look forward to the benefit of being able to make a home-cooked meal to keep themselves satisfied and focused on their jobs throughout the day.

Go beyond providing counter space, a fridge, and a microwave to your employees as they rely on water from the bathroom or a fountain. Hire a contractor to install a proper plumbing system that can accommodate a commercial double sink, a dishwasher, and a stand-alone water filtration system in the breakroom. Once a new sink and dishwasher has been installed, have your plumber come back and fit the equipment with low-flow aerators to help save some money on water costs throughout the year. You can then equip the space with cooking equipment for ease of food prep.

Plumb and Install a Water Fountain

Putting a water feature in the space will give employees somewhere to congregate and chat while they unwind and relieve some stress. Thanks to the refreshing nature of water fountains, you can expect your bill collection team to head back to their workspaces relaxed and ready to focus on their tasks at hand. Water fountains tend to improve employee morale, productivity, and overall functionality within the workplace. So, while your plumbing contractor is around, have them install pipes and connections for a water feature in the break room. Choose two or three fountains that you're willing to install for your employees, then let them vote on which one they like the best. Contact a commercial plumbing service for more information.

Provide Regular Ongoing Training

In addition to initial training for new employees, there should be an ongoing training program in place that all your bill collectors regardless of tenure are required to attend throughout the duration of their employment with your company. These ongoing training sessions will give you an opportunity to enhance skills that your employees have already learned and ensure that everyone is up-to-date with current collection laws in your county and state.

Through ongoing training sessions, your bill collections will gain and maintain the confidence that's needed to deal with upset debtors all day long. They can practice scripts and new communication techniques, and learn new ways to diffuse tense situations when on the phone with debtors. Employees can use the training time to offer their own advice and tips that work for them, which will create a teamwork environment that encourages each person to make a contribution. Employees are more likely to stick around for the long haul if they're learning new skills and enjoying a supportive team-oriented workplace along the way.

Host an Employee Game Hour Once a Week

Because bill collecting is a seriously stressful job, your employees deserve some down time during business hours so they can unwind and blow off some stress. With a relaxed mindset, they're more likely to give it their all when completing tasks and will be able to communicate with debtors effectively. Give your employees something to look forward to by hosting a game hour every Wednesday, when everyone needs some stress relief to get through the rest of the week. Choose games to feature each week that encourage team work such as Pictionary or Clue to provide your bill collectors with a little "accidental training" while they have fun.