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Three Mistakes To Avoid With Summer Portable Toilet Rentals

Hot summer temperatures can affect many things at your event, not least of all the restroom situation. Portable toilets are the option of choice for larger outdoor events, but there are specific concerns you need to keep in mind when the temperatures soar. The following are mistakes to avoid when you are renting portable toilets in the summer months.

#1: Choosing the wrong placement

Many things go into finding the best placement for the portable toilets. Most important is that they are easily accessible by the toilet maintenance crews and that they are placed in a location that is allowed by local regulations. Within this framework, there are two key mistakes to avoid – don't place the toilets too close to the event area and make sure your event isn't downwind of the toilets. Odors tend to intensify in warmer temperatures, so you may need to place the toilets further away from the event than you would during a cooler season. Often, toilets are placed near parking lots simply because this makes them accessible for maintenance and it is generally far enough from the main event to avoid major odor issues.

#2: Skimping on pumpouts

How often you have the toilets emptied should also increase in summer. Although your portable toilet provider will supply you with a general guideline for scheduled pumping, you may want to increase it if the temperatures are expected to be especially high. Increased temperatures tend to make odors stronger in an enclosed portable toilet, which can be made even worse by the lack of airflow in these units. Increase pumping frequency and consider moving up to units with electric or battery powered fans to help counteract this problem.

#3: Bypassing the handwashing station

A common hygiene solution for many events is to provide sanitary gel for event goers to use to clean their hands after using a portable toilet. In fact, many toilets come with the dispensers pre-installed. The problem with the gel in summer is that hot, dry conditions often make event fields dusty, which means all that dust will stick to hands that have been covered in the gel. For this reason, consider renting portable sinks instead. These typically have a foot pump and allow your guests to wash their hands with water after using a portable toilet, which can be much more comfortable of an option when it's hot outside.

For more help, contact a portable toilet company in your area like Walters Portable Toilets.