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Ensure Your Well Is Never Dry With These Tips For Choosing The Best Location

When you need to have a new well drilled for your home, you want to have a location that will never go dry. Some of the places where a well may be located are not ideal. Choosing a good location will ensure your well does not need to be drilled deeper or moved in the future. Here are some tips to help choose the best location for the water well on your property:

1. Water Follows the Contour of The Terrain

When you think about water, you probably think that it is somewhere beneath the ground and level. Water follows the terrain most often, due to the compact bedrock and location of water tables.

2. Find A Location Where Water Is Closest to The Surface

There may also be some areas where water is closest to the surface. Finding water that is closer to the surface means that the well will not need to be drilled as deep. Well drilling services can survey the terrain to find the areas where water is located at the top of the well. What does this mean for your water well drilling needs? It means that you do not always have to look downhill for places to drill your well. Look for other signs of water or have surveying done to locate water in these areas.

3. Look for Healthy, Green Plant Life as A Sign That Water Is Near

In areas where vegetation grows, water is often present. This is something that can tell you where the best locations are to drill water wells. In a desert climate, it may be easy to spot where vegetation is growing because of the accessible water. In more sub-tropic climates, you will want to look for areas where the vegetation is thicker and denser, which can be a sign of a water source that is closer to the surface.

Tip: look for the denser vegetation during drier weather to spot water resources easier. Take note during these times of year, or research old photos from these tale-tale signs of water resources. 

These are some tips to help you choose the best location for the water well on your property. Contact a water well drilling service or well pump repair company, such as County Pump & Supply Co, to help with choosing the location and drilling the well to bring water to your home. Water well drilling services will also be able to help with other needs, such as the installation of equipment, renovating old wells or surveying property to locate water resources.