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Toilet Not Flushing? It Could Be From These 3 Reasons

A broken toilet can often be a cause of frustration for homeowners, especially if it breaks at an inopportune time. When a toilet refuses to pull the waste down when you hit that magic lever, it could be because of one of these 3 reasons.

Broken Inner Component

You'll need to investigate are the components of the toilet found inside the tank. Start with the handle, and look for any damage to the pull chain. If you push down on the handle and the flange does not move, there is a problem with the chain. You can reattach if it's still in one piece, or you'll need to replace it with an old one if it is broken.

There could be an issue with the flushing mechanism, which would require replacement. These are cheap to replace, and you can buy a kit at a local home improvement store that contains all the necessary parts. It includes a sponge gasket, washers, bolts, tank-to-bowl nut, flapper, and the flush valve. These parts are universally designed, so they will fit most toilets.

Clogged Sewer Line

A toilet that does not flush isn't always because of a broken component inside it. There could be a clog deep in the sewer line that is preventing the waste from going down. For small clogs, a simple plunger will do, but bigger ones will require a plumber.

You never know what could be causing the clog. It's possible your child flushed a toy down the toilet, or somebody made the mistake of flushing paper towels. A plumber such as Paton Bros Ltd will be able to use a sewer snake to clear out the tough clogs, and use a retrieval tool is there is a foreign object obstructing the sewer line.

Septic Tank Issues

If your home has a septic tank, it could be the reason that your toilet is no longer flushing. The most common issue due to a septic tank is if the tank is full. It can happen for a variety of reasons. You might have been doing laundry all day and filled the tank with water, or there is a major problem that requires the septic tank to be repaired.

When your septic tank is full, it will need to be pumped so that waste can continue filling the tank. If the tank fills up again immediately, it's an indication that you have a bigger problem to deal with.

If you look into these three possibilities, your toilet will be flushing once again.