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Dealing With A Noisy Toilet: Why The Flapper May Be The Cause

Are you frustrated with your toilet making a lot of noise when you are trying to sleep? The problem may stem from the flapper in the tank needing a repair, as it is what controls the flow of water going into the toilet bowl. In this article, find out what can lead to a flapper making a toilet noisy and what a professional repair will cost.

How Can a Flapper Cause a Noisy Toilet?

The main reason your toilet is making noise is due to the flapper not completely covering the hole that sends water to the bowl. The water in the tank will continually flow out into the bowl unless the problem is repaired. The noise that you are hearing is simply running water, which is why some people refer to the problem as having a runny toilet.

The flapper may have become displaced when the toilet was flushed. Sometimes fixing a displaced flapper is as simply as wiggling the toilet handle until the flapper goes back into the correct position. You can tell when the flapper is back in place because the noise will go away.

Another thing that can cause a flapper to malfunction is from placing cleaning products in the tank of the toilet. Many of the toilet products have chemicals that are not good for the plastic flapper. In the long run, the chemicals lead to the flapper becoming corroded. The problem with a corroded flapper is that it may not close completely, which leads to a runny toilet. The chemicals from the cleaning products can also cause the flapper to deteriorate and become too small to fit over the hole in the tank.

What Does it Cost to Hire a Plumber to Repair a Noisy toilet?

The rates charged by plumber for a toilet repair can vary depending on who is hired for the job. You can be charge an hourly rate that averages up to $150. It is also possible that a plumber will charge a flat rate that is based on the complexity of the repair. How you are charged is at the sole discretion of the plumber.

Don't allow your noisy toilet to cause you to lose sleep at night when the problem can easily be repaired. The only thing you need is a flapper repair so the water in the tank can flow to the bowl in a controlled manner. Get in touch with a plumber (such as one from Riverside Home Heating and Plumbing) to find out if your toilet flapper is in need of a replacement!