3 Reasons To Utilize Forced-Air Heating

Forced-air heating systems are the most popular and common type of heating system available, which makes sense when you realize just how many different benefits they can provide. Forced-air heating works by utilizing a furnace to draw in air and heat it, then distributing it through your ducts and vents. Listed below are just a few of the many reasons to utilize a forced-air system for heating your home. Versatile [Read More]

Keep Your Septic System In Top Condition With These 5 Tips

Septic systems are sometimes the only option for those who live away from sewer lines. And, while there are many benefits to owning a home with a septic system, certain steps need to be taken to assure that it's working in top condition. You can keep your septic system in top condition with the following five tips. 1. Use the Garbage Disposal Properly Garbage disposals allow all sorts of byproduct to get into the septic tank. [Read More]

Going On Vacation? Save Money On Plumbing While You're Gone!

You put your home's plumbing system through a lot of stress on a regular basis, so when you leave home to go on vacation for an extended period of time, you have a chance to give your plumbing system a well-deserved break. Furthermore, there are a few things you can do to reduce your plumbing costs (including your water bill) while you're gone. Turn Down Your Water Heater Since you won't be needing much (if any) hot water while you're gone on vacation, consider turning your home's water heater down a few degrees before you leave. [Read More]

Adjusting A Trip Lever Drain Stopper

Hot and relaxing, a good soak in the tub is a please for almost everybody. Yet if your tub's drain stopper isn't working properly, a bath might be out of the question altogether. Fortunately, it might not take a plumber to get your tub back up to snuff. This article will teach you how to adjust a trip lever drain stopper on your own. The Mechanism The good news is that trip lever drain stoppers are fairly simple devices. [Read More]