Making A Basement Bathroom? Hire A Plumber To Help With Several Projects

When you own a home with an unfinished basement, you can transform it into almost anything depending on your wants and needs as well as how much work you are willing to put in. If you want to make it an extended living space or even a separate unit that you can rent out, you will need to put in at least one bathroom. Although you may work on a lot of the basement on your own, you will want to hire a plumbing contractor to get assistance with several projects in the bathroom. [Read More]

Manage A Vacation Rental? Hire A Plumber On Occasion For Peace Of Mind

While living in a home, you may find it somewhat easy to maintain because you will notice when something goes wrong with an appliance, electrical outlet, toilet, or sink. But, you may manage a vacation rental in which the only people who spend a lot of time in the house are guests. When you are in the home on a regular basis, you may start to notice problems such as a shower that is no longer draining as quickly. [Read More]

Exchange An Old, Clunky Bathroom Sink And Plumbing For A Wall-Mounted Ceramic Model

Does your master bathroom lack space and are you tired of looking at that old, clunky bathroom sink and vanity that takes up the majority of one of the restroom's walls? Think sleek and modern by choosing to have the original sink and plumbing replaced with a wall-mounted ceramic sink and PVC plumbing. Choose PVC Plumbing A wall-mounted sink will free up space that was once utilized for the vanity and its cabinetry. [Read More]

Dealing With Clogged A/C Drain Lines

Believe it or not, water is a common byproduct of the air conditioning process. As your A/C system cools your home's indoor air, it also removes excess moisture from the air. Once condensed into water form, this excess moisture ends up in the A/C system's condensate drip pan. The extracted water eventually flows through a drain line that leads to an indoor drain or directly outdoors. Over time, the A/C drain line can become clogged with debris or algae buildup. [Read More]